BREATHE™ Master Class - JUNE 16-18 2017, SAN FRANCISCO


BREATHE™ Master Class - JUNE 16-18 2017, SAN FRANCISCO


SIGN UP BY MAY26TH FOR EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $1,395. At checkout please use Promo Code: EARLYBIRDMAY26

*If you have taken the intro class and started on your 100 hours (50 pre and post-assessments) and reading, you can join us for the Breathe™ Master Class in San Francisco on June 16-18, 2017.*

When & Where

Friday, June 16, 2017
Saturday, June 17, 2017
Sunday, June 18, 2017
*Class starts at noon on Friday and ends at 6pm Sunday*

Accommodations are at The Castle (UC Berkeley's Bowles Hall) – a new private residence hall that overlooks Berkeley and boasts remarkable architecture and comfortable meeting rooms.

If you’d like to come earlier or stay later, please let us know.


$1,595 + $80/night (We have been given a special price of $80 per night. Meals are included; however, if you’d like to bring your own food, please do.)

*Rooms are dorm style, singles or doubles (If you share a room, it’s less expensive.)

This workshop will cover:

  • Advanced Exercises
  • Worki ng with specific populations
    • Athletes and warriors
    • First responders
    • Older adults
    • Children
    • PTSD and anxiety
    • Addiction
    • Weight management
  • Marketing yourself
    • How to use social media to market yourself (from Facebook to YouTube).
    • How to get local media outlets interested in your services (from podcasts to print publications).
  • Review of different approaches: other breathing classes/teachers.
  • How to develop your own breathing and meditation approach.
  • Case study of integration of breath into your current occupation.
  • How to teach at a corporate level.
  • Students’ final projects
  • Discussion and summary of required reading
  • Challenging situations
    • The top questions you’ll get in a workshop and the best answers for them.
    • The most resistant clients and how to work with them and get the best results.

Master classes are given once a year to students who have taken the Fundamentals Certification and completed their 100 hours of independent study. Master classes will give you the information to be able to teach specialized groups such as children, older adults, specific athletes, or people having experienced trauma. Once you have completed the Master Class requirements you will be listed on The Breathing Class website and sent referrals directly from Dr. Belisa.